Win the race to wealth with ROHA Asset Managers

Life is a race to abundance and the only way you can win is by making the right choices. Similar is your investment portfolio – that derives its returns from the selection of companies. Welcome to a world of trust & investing, welcome to ROHA Asset Managers. We focus on investing in quality business and companies through Indian equities with an objective to grow your wealth over the long term so that you can sit back and enjoy life to fullest. As we keep on pursuing our passion to invest, we hope to create meaningful value in your life as an investment partner who takes care of your wealth and its growth over the long run.     

Investment Objective:
Seek to create wealth over the long term by investing in the equity of sustainable growth businesses. Focus on the superior quality of business in terms of cash flow capability, capital efficiency, enduring competitive advantage, entry barriers and its ability to scale up to get the real benefit of the power of compounding.

Investment Process:  
Fundamental Approach – Stock selection is the key to portfolio performance
What to look into a company?

  • Management
  • Business
  • Valuation


  • An Intangible and enduring competitive advantage 
    – Integrity
    – Competence
  • Reflects corporate governance standards and
  • Leads to valuation re-rating over time


  • Size of Opportunity
  • Economics or profitability
  • Operating leverage potential
  • Pricing power
  • Entry barriers
  • Government regulations
  • Competitive advantage
  • Sustainability
  • Predictability
  • Cash flow generation vs working capital or asset-heavy
  • Capital efficiency
  • Growth engine
  • Understanding Risk


  • P/E – limited valuation concept
  • Use of Cash flows – Better valuation toll, though predictability difficult
  • Other methods – P/book, P/sales, etc. relevant for financials /private equity & emerging business\

A company has to pass through the Roha Asset Manager’s test:

  • Idea generation through the filter to screen a large universe of stocks based on stringent quality criteria like cash flows, growth, ROCE, profitability
  • Primary research by interacting with management, distributors, channel partners, peer/competitive checks and customers
  • Forensic study of accounting, balance sheet and financial numbers to avoid fraudulent companies with poor corporate governance standards
  • Research report and final view based on team and investment committee debate & discussion, future business outlook, management capability and valuations